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Nastro di carta

Paper roll for laminated gypsum boards (pyl) and fiberglass-gypsum (pyl)


Nastro di rinforzo

Paper roll with two flexible metal strips for angles reinforcement


Garza per cartongesso

Autoadhesive 100% fiberglass dressing for gypsum, stucco and paints fissures - special for plasterboard


Fibra di poliestere adesiva

Autoadhesive polyester tape for gypsum, stucco, paints and wooden fissures


Nastro masking

Universal masking paper suitable for every kind of building, DIY and industrial works - no residual adhesive upon removal


Nastro a bassa adesione

Low adhesiveness masking paper suitable for very delicate surfaces - no plaster or paints detachment from wall upon removal - reusable


Nastro Universal

Adhesive masking paper suitable for exterior works - U.V. and weatherproof - no residual adhesive upon removal for three months - reusable


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