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Multistuc R

Indoor plaster for recapping, smoothing and filling defects in sound and compact substrates.



Fibred interior and exterior plaster for renewing, repairing and remodelling supports type cornices, sculptures, etc


Etichetta Blu

Quick setting interior plaster, especially intended for recapping cavities, big cracks and holes filling.



Multi-adherent powder plaster with quick drying and setting for renewing and recapping imperfections. Interior use. It can be applied on low absorbent supports (paints, tiles, etc.).


Etichetta Verde

Interior plaster, intended for recapping and smoothing absorbent supports made of gypsum, cement, pre-fabricates, plastic paints.


Rinnovamento Interni

Renovation structured plaster in paste, ready to use. Bifunctional: for smoothing stippled-finish paint or creating irregular surfaces, if applied by pistol. Easy to sand and smooth. Can be applied on painted fibreglass.



Oleosynthetic water-borne plaster for high quality smoothing in interior. Intended for finishes with lacquers and enamels. Achievement of shinning finishes without gloss lose.


Rinnovare in pasta

Ready to use plaster, especially intended for covering and renewing irregular supports and surfaces. Its excellent texture allows both manual or mechanical (air-less) application.


Airless Tixotropico

Air-less plaster in paste, especially formulated for removing holes and imperfections from pre-fabricated and uncasing concrete. Interior use.


Rualaix 3 in 1

Primer-plaster-paint water-borne monolayer. Indoor use. Uniform and matt white finishes. Can be coloured.



Water-borne acrylic plaster, especially intended for treating rebel cracks and fissures. Product reinforced with fiberglass. Interior-exterior use.



Textured elastic plaster for filling. Intended for sealing micro-fissures, fissures and cracks with movements.



Extra-white and ultra-light ready to use plaster for repairing defects, cracks, holes, etc. on absorbent or half-absorbent supports.



Interior and exterior water-borne plaster. Extra-white and perfumed fibred product. Plastering of exterior walls and facades.



Water-borne coating especially intended for blocking andcovering stained supports with different nature substances.Maximum covering power.



Sealing wood paste, intended for sealing and recapping every wood’s pores before painting. Product reinforced with fibreglass. Interior-exterior use. 14 colours available.


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