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FLOETROL - Waterborne paint conditioner Increases open time of paint. Facilitates spray painting. Ideal for special effects. Improves paint flow.



ESP - Paint and varnish on high gloss surface Forms film on surface for paints to adhere to - Oil or water based paint inc' varnishes. Quick drying, Odourless. Ideal for confined areas. Use on any non-porous surface (ceramics, glass, baked enamels, paint, varnish, melamine...). Interior or exterior. No need for dirty, dusty laborious sanding. Allows painting of surfaces that cannot be abraded


Easy mix E.B.

OWATROL E-B - Mix-In Bonding Primer Provides a bonding primer and a first flat coat of masonry or interior paint in one. Stabilises chalky, powdery or porous surfaces and reduces peeling problems. Maximises adhesion between the first and second coats. Recoatable after 4 hours. Improves durability of the finish.


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